What’s Your Story?

I’m often asked what inspired me to write my book, “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next Normal”. When it comes down to it, I wanted to share a message of hope and optimism; that even when we face tough challenges, there is still joy and human goodness to be found. As … Read more

Tragic Optimism vs. Toxic Positivity

When it comes to facing difficult times, Viktor Frankl taught us about the important contrast between toxic positivity and tragic optimism. Toxic positivity is a superficial, overly optimistic attitude that disregards people’s genuine negative emotions. It encourages “positive thinking” without considering the way individuals really feel when tackling challenging situations. This approach can prevent us … Read more

Live Together the Impossible Dream

Monday Morning Motivations

Saturday evening, my wife and I were honored and delighted to attend a gala celebrating the 25th year of the Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University—my graduate school alma mater. It was a special moment because no galas were held since 2019 because of the coronavirus pandemic. No doubt the past three years have been … Read more

Soulful Leadership (Hat Tip to Chip Conley)

Monday Morning Motivations

This Easter Monday, I’m inspired by Chip Conley’s post entitled “3 Qualities of a Soulful Leader.” In my book, “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership for the Next Normal,” I share the impact of his book, “Wisdom @ Work,” on my professional and personal journey. The power of soulful leadership lies in its ability … Read more

Restoring Trust by being Human

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted an uncomfortable reality: the gap between what authority figures say and what people experience in their everyday lives. This great divide has eroded public trust, leaving us unsure whether we’ve been lied to or simply failed by those in charge. It exists across the political spectrum, in businesses, and communities. … Read more

Knowledge, Intelligence, Wisdom

Monday Morning Motivations

The advent and adoption of Chat GPT has been a watershed moment in the advancement of artificial intelligence. But with it comes serious concerns about the potential misuse or abuse of such powerful technologies. We need to ensure that AI is used ethically and responsibly. Organizations are only now beginning to consider the implications of … Read more