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Leadership Insight from Antiheroes

Stephen Tang

When it comes to leadership, even fictional characters can provide valuable lessons as antiheroes. For example, President Business from The LEGO Movie and the Mattel CEO from The Barbie Movie offer unique perspectives on morality and power dynamics. Both characters were played by actor Will Ferrell. Through their stories, we learn vital lessons about how even the most powerful leaders need to have a sense of humor and be mindful of their actions’ repercussions.

President Business provides a great example of how the pursuit of success can be both dangerous and misguided. His obsession with order and control eventually leads to chaos, reminding us that true leadership means finding a balance between rigidity and creativity. Similarly, the Mattel CEO serves as an example of how power can be abused if not grounded in morality and noble values. By exploring these characters’ stories as parodies, we gain insight into the consequences of unchecked ambition and learn valuable lessons about morality. In my book, “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next Normal” helps illustrate the antihero of workplace inertia.

At the same time, both characters also provide some much-needed comic relief. In the darkest moments, President Business and the Mattel CEO cause us to laugh at life’s absurdity as we try to make sense of their situations. This serves as an important reminder that even the most powerful leaders need to have a sense of humor and embrace their imperfections as self-aware humans.

Antiheroes have become increasingly popular in film, television, comics, books, and other media as they can provide a more nuanced view of morality than traditional heroes. While traditional heroes usually strive to do the right thing at all times, antiheroes often struggle to balance their better qualities with their selfish desires and morally ambiguous actions. This makes them fascinating characters that can capture our hearts while also challenging us to think about the shades of grey in morality. In many stories, an antihero may eventually evolve into a more traditional hero as they learn to make sacrifices for the greater good. No matter what type of hero they are, antiheroes often teach us valuable lessons about how complex morality can be in the real world.

Antiheroes offer us unique insights into leadership and our own beliefs. By exploring these characters’ stories, we can gain valuable lessons on morality, power dynamics, and how to find a balance between structure and flexibility. So don’t be afraid to explore and embrace the potential of these complex characters—you may just be surprised by what you find! With a bit of creativity and appreciation, antiheroes can provide us with some valuable insights into the complex world of leadership.

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