Reflections from a First-Time Author…

As an aspiring writer, I’ve found joy and meaning in exploring my life and the world around me through words. When I started researching facts from my past such as dates and locations–while reflecting on how these experiences have shaped me–I was able to add depth and realism to my stories. By combing “me search” … Read more

Wharton Magazine: Alumni Book Roundup: Summer 2023Wharton Magazine

I’m grateful to The Wharton School for listing my book in their Alumni Book Roundup: Summer 2023 for Wharton Magazine. Special thanks to my friend, Emily Cieri for initiating it. Some great books were featured: Order your copy here: #ATestForOurTime#CrisisLeadership#NextNormal (Photo: Borchee/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images)

Propelling Transformation: Fuel and Friction

Leadership is not simply about providing direction, but rather creating an environment where all voices can be heard, expectations are met, and successful and sustainable change takes place. To do this effectively, leaders must understand how to both add fuel and reduce friction during times of organizational transformation. This involves inspiring and motivating their followers … Read more

Being Human in an AI World

Monday Morning Motivations

Generative AI is a powerful new technology that’s rapidly developing and becoming more pervasive in our daily lives. It has the potential to solve many problems, from improving medical diagnosis to forecasting market trends for business decision-making. While it will be used for practical purposes, it also presents a much deeper philosophical question: what does … Read more