Author Journey

Reflections from a First-Time Author…

George Thorne

As an aspiring writer, I’ve found joy and meaning in exploring my life and the world around me through words. When I started researching facts from my past such as dates and locations–while reflecting on how these experiences have shaped me–I was able to add depth and realism to my stories. By combing “me search” with research, I can craft powerful accounts that resonate with readers.

My advice to other writers is to take inspiration from Eldridge Cleaver’s quote, “This is why I write–to save myself” and Yoda’s wise words, “There is no try. There is only do”. Writing can be a meaningful form of self-expression that helps us understand ourselves better–so don’t be afraid to explore your imagination and take risks. No matter what setbacks you face, just keep writing–it can save you by uncovering the authentic within!

When I embarked on my journey as an author with the book “A Test for Our Time,” I knew that I needed a partner who could help me navigate the entire process–from initial drafts through edits, marketing, and eventual publication. After talking with an author at a Modern Elder Academy retreat in Baja California Sur, Mexico about Eric Koester‘s unique “never write alone” approach to book writing, I was sure that Manuscripts was the perfect fit for me. They offer an all-encompassing suite of services and have a coach approach that provides tender encouragement and constructive criticism to authors. It has been an incredible journey!

In addition to my work as a writer, I believe that reading widely is essential if we want to become better writers. By exploring books and stories from different perspectives, writers can hone their craft while staying current with trends. By discovering new authors and stories, we can create meaningful content for our readers and have something unique to offer them.

I’m thrilled to be launching my “wholehearted leadership” platform, which is composed of speeches and interactive workshop modules based on the content from my book. With it, I aim to help make corporate strategies and communications more effective, create a positive, supportive culture in the workplace, and provide valuable advice for navigating the complexities of remote and in-person work. It’s an exciting project and I’m so eager to share it with the world!

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey! I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire others to find their own passion in writing and use it as a tool to save themselves and make a positive impact in the world.

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