Monday Morning Motivations

Soulful Leadership (Hat Tip to Chip Conley)

George Thorne

This Easter Monday, I’m inspired by Chip Conley’s post entitled “3 Qualities of a Soulful Leader.” In my book, “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership for the Next Normal,” I share the impact of his book, “Wisdom @ Work,” on my professional and personal journey.

The power of soulful leadership lies in its ability to connect us and inspire others. Instead of focusing on being thought leaders or motivational speakers, we should strive to be thoughtful leaders and motivating listeners. By demonstrating genuine interest in those around us, we can create meaningful relationships and impactful change. Soulful leaders dare to share their wisdom generously, embodying qualities such as thoughtfulness, listening presence, and sincere interest in others. When we embrace our own souls and strive to lead with them, we become powerful forces for good in the world. Let us all move away from ego-driven leadership towards a more nourishing soulful approach that will bring out the best in everyone it touches!

For deeper wisdom please read Chip Conley’s LinkedIn post: Together, let’s make the workplace and our world a better place!

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