Restoring Trust by being Human

Stephen Tang

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted an uncomfortable reality: the gap between what authority figures say and what people experience in their everyday lives. This great divide has eroded public trust, leaving us unsure whether we’ve been lied to or simply failed by those in charge. It exists across the political spectrum, in businesses, and communities.

But this rift isn’t just a matter of perception; it’s a spiritual chasm that each of us must confront if we are to bridge it together. To do so, we must prioritize authenticity and integrity in all aspects of our lives—from how we interact with others to the decisions we make as a whole. Only then can true trust be restored within institutions and among citizens.

It is time for us to take action now. We must challenge ourselves to think critically, seek out the facts and be open-minded as we hear new perspectives. We must hold our leaders accountable for their actions by demanding transparency and respect. Only by taking responsibility for our narratives can we come together for meaningful change.

Let us move forward with renewed vigor and optimism, reclaiming our potential to make lasting connections, foster personal growth, and transform our entire culture — from companies to communities and beyond. Together, let’s create a world where everyone is respected and empowered!

As a leader, it starts with me sharing the human side of leadership—something I talk about extensively in my book “At Test for Our Time” (available on Amazon (https://amzn.to/42vkbKL), Barnes & Noble (http://bit.ly/3nlfEue), and other bookstores). We all have an important role to play in bridging this chasm, so let us move forward together with meaningful effort and collaboration. We can do this—let’s make it happen!

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