What’s Your Story?

George Thorne

I’m often asked what inspired me to write my book, “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next Normal”. When it comes down to it, I wanted to share a message of hope and optimism; that even when we face tough challenges, there is still joy and human goodness to be found.

As leaders navigated the pandemic crisis, many were in desperate need of guidance from past crises — and there was surprisingly little out there. With this book, I wanted to provide tangible examples of leadership that could help give direction during other moments of uncertainty and chaos.

My goal is also to try and rebuild our collective trust in one another’s stories and experiences — especially during times when cynicism seems pervasive. We all have unique experiences that can teach us something valuable — whether it is a story of triumph or resilience in the face of adversity. In the end, I believe that through honest conversations we can all inspire each other to keep striving towards our dreams and goals.

Take a moment to reflect on your own life narrative. When did you feel happiest and most at peace? Maybe you faced a challenge that threatened your sense of contentment, but could you find meaning in it? It doesn’t have to end with a classic “happily ever after” ending—perhaps it is still a story of courage and determination as you continue searching for understanding. No matter what stage of the journey, there is something special about each person’s unique story.

I hope my book is a small reminder that joy and strength can be found even in the darkest of moments. It’s my way of saying: let your story be heard.

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