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Stephen Tang

Leadership is a powerful force that depends on finding harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. All parts must be attuned to make thoughtful decisions while remaining connected to ourselves and others. A strong self-awareness is paramount for success; understanding how our mental state affects decision-making processes is vital. Tending to our physical health gives us clarity of thought as well as resilience when faced with obstacles. Having a profound spiritual connection grants us inner wisdom even during times of crisis or uncertainty.

The potency of leadership lies in recognizing the relationship between these components. Balance within mind, body, and spirit enables greater insight into oneself and ethical judgment when making decisions, as well as deeper courage during trying times. Those who seek and nurture this union will be better prepared to lead with conviction and fortitude. To accomplish this takes understanding our own thought processes, physical well-being, and spiritual consciousness. It also requires us to listen openly and intently to our people and environment. Awareness is essential for leading effectively.

As the spring launch date for my book approaches, I wish you well in your journey as leaders and those who can influence them to be their best selves. I’ll share more information on purchasing A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next Normal, next week.

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