Monday Morning Motivations

Moral Beauty

Stephen Tang

Today marks the third anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic shutting down workplaces and the subsequent rise of work-from-home and hybrid work. Moral beauty is a powerful concept that has offered light and hope during this time. From medical professionals putting their own safety aside to ordinary people engaging in acts of kindness, this type of beauty shines through when we see people demonstrating values such as generosity, altruism, and compassion. It is evidence that even during difficult times, small acts of care can bring us closer together.

The stories of moral beauty around us demonstrate that no matter how challenging our circumstances may be, each one of us can make a difference—to show up with courage and selflessness for ourselves and others. Through these actions of hope, we create moments where we can find resilience amid adversity.

At its heart, moral beauty is a reminder that even in dark times we have the potential to bring light and joy into our lives and communities. Let us continue to celebrate this beautiful concept, and use it as inspiration to create a better tomorrow.

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