Monday Morning Motivations

Leadership is More than Showing Up

Stephen Tang

Leadership is not only a matter of showing up—it’s about being present and demonstrating that you care for your people. That’s why it’s so important for leaders to be on the frontlines when there is a moment of crisis. By being visible and listening intently to those affected, leaders can build rapport and trust with their team; letting them know that they are valued and supported.

Leadership is also about having the courage to take action—from providing rewards and recognition to those who go above and beyond, making resources available, or creating events that heighten engagement. Moreover, leaders must look out for signs of stress, fatigue, and burnout so that they can address these issues swiftly before they become more serious.

Leadership should be about creating an atmosphere in which people feel secure enough to experiment and innovate without fear—knowing that failure is not fatal. When you demonstrate your belief in their capacity to overcome any challenge they face, they will inevitably become more resilient, committed, and productive, as a result.

So, when faced with adversity remember: Show up for your team, listen carefully, and take action. By leading with trust, you will ensure long-term success for yourself and your team. To learn more about crisis leadership in times of change and uncertainty, check out my book A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next Normal available soon! 

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