Innovation for the New and Next Normal

Stephen Tang

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a surge of innovation in many industries, as companies rapidly adapted and responded to the changes brought by the virus. From healthcare systems responding to the influx of patients to online retailers finding new ways to reach customers, creativity, and resilience have been key for staying afloat during these chaotic times.

Leaders must embrace change, as we all learn to live with COVID-19 in this “new normal,” and be prepared for anything when it comes to leading innovation in the “next normal.” The pandemic has shown us that it is essential for leaders to think outside of the box and remain open-minded about potential solutions. Leaders should also foster an environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks, exploring different ideas, and pushing boundaries.

Creating a culture of collaboration is critical to driving innovation within an organization. Leaders should work to create an environment where employees from all departments and levels can come together to share ideas and work towards a common goal.

Open communication is key when leading innovation. Leaders should strive to keep the lines of communication open between themselves and their team so that everyone has access to information needed for making informed decisions. Regular check-ins with individual team members will also help ensure everyone feels heard and connected to the project at hand.

Finally, leaders must be willing to adjust their strategies as circumstances change to continue driving innovation forward. The pandemic has shown us that the best way to stay ahead of the curve is by staying agile, adapting quickly, and remaining flexible in our approach. This is what will lead us to the next level of innovation.

By taking these lessons on board, leaders can ensure their teams stay productive and motivated as they continue down the path of innovation. The best way to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing world is by embracing change and staying ahead of the curve. It’s up to the leaders to make sure their organizations are ready for whatever comes next.

More to come on this topic, when my book, A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next Normal, launches in the spring.

by Stephen S. Tang PhD MBA author of “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next Normal” due spring 2023

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