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Cocoon: Aging Well

Stephen Tang

I was 24 years old when the movie “Cocoon” debuted in theaters in 1985. It’s a science fiction comedy-drama film that tells the story of a group of elderly people who regain their youth after swimming in a pool containing extraterrestrial cocoons. I recently re-experienced the film with the eyes and ears of a 62-year-old and found new perspectives from it.

“Cocoon” introduces us to aliens from the planet Antarea. They are a race of advanced beings who visit Earth to help humans achieve a higher level of evolution. They ultimately take a group of humans to their home planet to give them the special treatment that will help them live longer and healthier lives.

The aliens possess great wisdom and knowledge, and they hope that by helping humans evolve, they will be able to share this knowledge with them. They are kind and benevolent creatures, and their ultimate goal is to improve the human race as a whole. Antereans are the “anti-COVID beings” who invaded earth to give us eternal life and extraordinary health and well-being. They invite humans to be both students and teachers in their civilization.

“Cocoon” is a heartwarming film about aging and youth. The film’s message is that it’s never too late to start over and that age is just a number. The film’s characters are all facing their mortality, but they’re given a second chance at life. The film is also about friendship and community. The elderly characters in the film form a close-knit group, and they help each other through their struggles. There’s also an intergenerational twist, whereby a young grandson “saves” his grandfather, yet never sees him again. “Cocoon” is a feel-good movie that will leave you inspired, uplifted…and wondering about aging. It remains timeless almost 40 years later, even as we prolong life further than ever before.

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[Image credit: Cocoon, 20th Century Fox]

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