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Monday Morning Motivations

Soulful Leadership (Hat Tip to Chip Conley)

This Easter Monday, I’m inspired by Chip Conley’s post entitled “3 Qualities of a Soulful Leader.” In my book, “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership for the Next Normal,” I share the impact of his book, “Wisdom @ Work,” on my professional and personal journey. The power of soulful leadership lies in its ability … Read more

Restoring Trust by being Human

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted an uncomfortable reality: the gap between what authority figures say and what people experience in their everyday lives. This great divide has eroded public trust, leaving us unsure whether we’ve been lied to or simply failed by those in charge. It exists across the political spectrum, in businesses, and communities. … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations

Knowledge, Intelligence, Wisdom

The advent and adoption of Chat GPT has been a watershed moment in the advancement of artificial intelligence. But with it comes serious concerns about the potential misuse or abuse of such powerful technologies. We need to ensure that AI is used ethically and responsibly. Organizations are only now beginning to consider the implications of … Read more

Mind, Body, Spirit <​–​>Leadership

Leadership is a powerful force that depends on finding harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. All parts must be attuned to make thoughtful decisions while remaining connected to ourselves and others. A strong self-awareness is paramount for success; understanding how our mental state affects decision-making processes is vital. Tending to our physical health gives … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations

Moral Beauty

Today marks the third anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic shutting down workplaces and the subsequent rise of work-from-home and hybrid work. Moral beauty is a powerful concept that has offered light and hope during this time. From medical professionals putting their own safety aside to ordinary people engaging in acts of kindness, this type of … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations

The Alliance: Reimagine the Employer-Employee Relationship

Layoffs and downsizing continue to impact industries that value entrepreneurial-minded employees, such as technology and life sciences. This is precarious because the employer-employee relationship was changing significantly before the pandemic and has been stretched to the limit since then. Gone are the days of guaranteed long-term employment and an environment where every employee acts as … Read more

What Rhymes with Crisis?

Too often we think of history as disposable and irrelevant. But Mark Twain knew better: “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” What he meant is that the more we pay attention to patterns, similarities, and trends from our past experiences, the more equipped we will be to make wise decisions for our … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations

History, Intergenerational Connection, and the Bray House

At the ceremony commemorating the move of the Bray House in Williamsburg, Virginia to its new Colonial Williamsburg site on February 10th, 2023, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin declared that “we must teach all of our history, all of it, the good and the bad.” It was a heartening sentiment for many there who had come … Read more

Be Perturbed and Learn

In his highly acclaimed 2021 book, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know, Adam Grant implores leaders to think and act like scientists searching for truth. I’ll illustrate that approach through the concept of “perturbation theory” which is used by truth-seekers in science, math, and engineering, and apply it to crisis leadership. At … Read more