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How Wisdom Shapes Leadership Behavior

Leadership is about more than just words. Exceptional leaders possess a core set of traits and attributes that they use to guide, direct, motivate and inspire their teams to positively impact the world. Perhaps most important is wisdom: the knowledge gained through experience, reflection and contemplation. While the importance of wisdom in leadership cannot be … Read more

Leadership Insight from Antiheroes

When it comes to leadership, even fictional characters can provide valuable lessons as antiheroes. For example, President Business from The LEGO Movie and the Mattel CEO from The Barbie Movie offer unique perspectives on morality and power dynamics. Both characters were played by actor Will Ferrell. Through their stories, we learn vital lessons about how … Read more

Short Stop in Kenya

Last week, I was honored and delighted to join my fellow Board of Directors colleagues for Population Services International and several PSI-affiliated African country Board Chairpersons for meetings and site visits in Kenya. Some witnessed key public health and development projects and some saw vital PSI capabilities such as the OraQuick HIV Self-Test. Photo credits to Dr Mosima … Read more

Guest Lecture with Emerging Leaders

On July 4th, I chose brainstorms over fireworks with some remarkable people. 55 Global Villagers from 35 countries represent our emerging leaders in this prestigious Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University summer program. My guest lecture and workshop was on Pivoting Strategy in Volatile Times, with lessons from my book “A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in … Read more

Stephen Tang’s A Test for Our Time: Book Review and Interview

Review in the Global Philadelphia- posted July 2, 2023Original Article: By Enya Xiang n times of crisis, Dr. Stephen S. Tang encourages us to lead with purpose and compassion. He recalls his experience as the CEO of OraSure Technologies Inc. in his 2023 memoir, A Test for Our Time: Crisis Leadership in the Next … Read more

Lehigh Names New Trustees

As a graduate school alumnus of Lehigh University, I am honored and delighted to begin my service to the Board of Trustees. Four new board members began their terms July 1. On July 1, 2023, Lehigh University named four new members to the Board of Trustees, reappointed one trustee, appointed a new emeritus trustee, and honored … Read more

Reflections from a First-Time Author…

As an aspiring writer, I’ve found joy and meaning in exploring my life and the world around me through words. When I started researching facts from my past such as dates and locations–while reflecting on how these experiences have shaped me–I was able to add depth and realism to my stories. By combing “me search” … Read more

Wharton Magazine: Alumni Book Roundup: Summer 2023Wharton Magazine

I’m grateful to The Wharton School for listing my book in their Alumni Book Roundup: Summer 2023 for Wharton Magazine. Special thanks to my friend, Emily Cieri for initiating it. Some great books were featured: Order your copy here: #ATestForOurTime#CrisisLeadership#NextNormal (Photo: Borchee/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images)

Propelling Transformation: Fuel and Friction

Leadership is not simply about providing direction, but rather creating an environment where all voices can be heard, expectations are met, and successful and sustainable change takes place. To do this effectively, leaders must understand how to both add fuel and reduce friction during times of organizational transformation. This involves inspiring and motivating their followers … Read more
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