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Monday Morning Motivations

Leadership is More than Showing Up

Leadership is not only a matter of showing up—it’s about being present and demonstrating that you care for your people. That’s why it’s so important for leaders to be on the frontlines when there is a moment of crisis. By being visible and listening intently to those affected, leaders can build rapport and trust with … Read more

Crash Landing (Not Inevitable)

When the pandemic hit us in March 2020, it felt like the world was freefalling. The Dow Jones had been flirting with an all-time high just days before, and suddenly millions of people were unemployed, iconic firms begged for bailouts and small businesses everywhere trembled in fear. In this time of crisis, CEOs were called … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations

Beginner’s Mind

Maintaining a beginner’s mind helps us stay open to learning and growing throughout our lives. It gives us the humility to embrace knowledge gaps, as well as the confidence to take on new challenges that come our way. By practicing this kind of mindset, we can recognize opportunities for growth that would otherwise go unnoticed … Read more

Innovation for the New and Next Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a surge of innovation in many industries, as companies rapidly adapted and responded to the changes brought by the virus. From healthcare systems responding to the influx of patients to online retailers finding new ways to reach customers, creativity, and resilience have been key for staying afloat during these … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations

Listening and Sensemaking for Hybrid Work

Developing strong listening skills requires paying close attention to verbal cues, tonality, and nonverbal body language. Sensemaking involves considering all parts of the conversation within one’s own context—asking questions for clarification when necessary—and being open to alternative perspectives. These skills have always enabled better decision-making in an increasingly complex world. But have we yet defined … Read more

Five Leadership Skills for the New and Next Normal

The world has been shaken and changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we move forward, what are the lessons learned from this generational crisis? Here’s my take: Leaders need to possess the necessary skills to adapt and succeed in this post-pandemic world. As I researched and wrote “A Test of Our Time: Crisis Leadership … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations


In my 1988 Ph.D. dissertation in chemical engineering from Lehigh University, I referenced “synchronicity” in my Acknowledgements. Renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity emphasizes the idea that all events and experiences, no matter how seemingly unrelated, are connected on a deeper, spiritual level. Jung viewed synchronicity as meaningful coincidences which could not be explained … Read more

Beyond Panic and Complacency

In the 1970s, two words could be used to describe the United States’ attitude toward oil: complacency and panic. This insight is attributed to former US Secretary of Defense and the first US Secretary of Energy, Dr. James Schlesinger, who experienced firsthand how quickly our nation moved between these two states during the Middle East … Read more
Monday Morning Motivations

No Resolutions for this 4721 New Year?

Yesterday marked the start of a new Lunar year, 4721, also called Chinese New Year. Unlike the celebration for the solar or Gregorian calendar on January 1st, the Lunar New Year doesn’t feature the guilt and obligations of new year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’re relieved by that or reminded of what you pledged a few weeks … Read more